Sample Agreements

What do current agreements look like?  The policy of the MMDA Project is to post any contract, model contract, or clause,  or model clause submitted by our users. We are not endorsing any of these documents. Indeed, some of them have been the subject of considerable criticism. We post them here for the information of our users only.

Our Project is actively seeking additional agreements and clauses to post here for informational purposes. We request anyone who has a contract which may be useful to post to send it to Marketa Zubkova,

Please review samples of actual mining development agreements below.

Model Form of Prospecting Licence

Reconnaissance Permit Deed

Model Form of Mining Lease

Liberia – China Union Investment

Mongolia Ivanhoe Agreement

Zambia 2004Amended

Papua New Guinea Standard Mining Development Agreement

Excerpts from two recent agreements with the Government of Liberia