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Welcome! A key innovation of the MMDA Project is this website, where users of MMDA 1.0 and the general public can access MMDA 1.0 content and share their experience using MMDA 1.0. Please read the information and instructions below to maximize your use of the website.

Comment on Your Experience Using MMDA 1.0 Although the two phases of public comment on the content of MMDA 1.0 have closed, your experience using MMDA 1.0 is valuable to the MMDA Project and to other MMDA 1.0 users.  Your experience can be of great importance to governments, mining companies, local communities and others who may be concerned about mining impacts, or those who hope for development benefits from resource revenues. By sharing your experience, you will help others make the best use of MMDA 1.0. Towards this end, we invite you to comment on your experience using MMDA 1.0.

Logging in We ask that before leaving comments, you log in to this site by clicking here and then click “Register.” You may also log in by clicking the “logged in” link at the bottom of the MMDA 1.0 content pages. The benefits of logging in are that we can easily reach you for follow-up if necessary, and we can better manage comments. Your email address will not be shared. You may also comment anonymously here.

MMDA 1.0 Navigation MMDA 1.0 is posted as a series of pages on this website which you can navigate by going to MMDA 1.0 Table of Contents. You may also access a full book containing MMDA 1.0 and supplemental materials, including a User’s Guide, example clauses, and comment summaries here ; a document containing only the main clauses of MMDA 1.0 here; and a document containing summaries of comments made on MMDA 1.0 through web-based and other consultations here. If you wish to comment on your experience using MMDA 1.0, click here.

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